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    What's your curiosity quotient? Sometimes I just want to know things.

    In Design, if you select an object on the canvas or in the FE, then you can hit Ctrl+Alt+N,  (people say Alt+Ctrl+N, but my fingers hit Ctrl+Alt+N), and you will be rewarded with the XATW XML that corresponds to the selected object.

    Try it. ... Isn't that 'neat'!

    I do find it useful to look at the rich text encoding of a label, especially, simply to see if it is pure plain text or has some rich text. It can resolve some puzzles about hidden-in-rtf typeface usage. It's also a nice source of simple, well formatted rtf for test purposes.

    Anyway, curious cat, you might want to get a quick look at the to-the-metal encoding of your design object(s). You can select multiple objects, or a group or pane or something and see the XML for all that you have selected. Of course there is always Tools-View Form as XML to really quench your thirst, but that can be an overwhelming firehose.


    Do you like to steal things? Ok, harvest things?

    One of the great things about DocOrigin is that images used in the Design are kept in the Design file. After years and years with a previous product where you always had to go on endless searches for the graphics files that went into a form design, what DocOrigin does is a true blessing. This is so handy for sharing and indeed for providing collateral to your support organization. They have the images, they don't have to come back to bug you for them.

    You can find them in base64-encoded format in the XATW file. With effort you could copy that text out of there,