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    Users Take Note(pad++)

    April 17, 2023
    No person is an island...and DocOrigin, despite being computer software, isn’t an island either. Most people who use DocOrigin pretty much have to use a text editor to read/edit the many configuration, parameter, profile, script and other human-readable files one typically has in their DocOrigin setup. I’m not trying to make a plug for Notepad++; it just happens to be the text editor that I use (please let me know if you have a different favorite text editor, I would be genuinely so curious to hear about it). There are a few things that I use Notepad++ for that are total game-changers for my workflow that I think every DocOrigin user should know about. To download Notepad++, go to their website. At the time of writing this, I am using version 8.5.

    Streamlining The Quality Assurance Process For Design

    July 7, 2023
    The Quality Assurance process is a critical stage in form development. This is the time to make sure that your form is ready for production or to frame it another way, ready for any data file thrown at it! Although you may be developing a brand new form, typically at DocOrigin, customers will have many existing forms that need to be converted to XATW (the DocOrigin form file format). During these form “conversion projects”, the goal is pretty much always to match the exact appearance and logic of the previous version of the form. Regardless, in every form, new or old, analysts have lots of detail to consider and plenty of scenarios (that may not be obvious!) to test. Here are some expert tips about how we do QA in our form conversion projects.


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